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OverPDF PDF to Text Converter is a professional PDF to Text converter, with which you could convert
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23 October 2010

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It’s not an uncommon scenario when a user sometimes needs to convert a certain PDF document to a text file. Most commonly, the need arises when one needs to send a PDF file as an email attachment, but can not do it because of the large size of the file. Text files on the other hand are far less complicated and hence require the minimal space. So, if you have been in search of a PDF converting software for sometimes now, PDF to Text Converter 1.01 could be the ultimate product for you as it brings along with a whole range of useful features required for the cause.

It is basically a tool designed for professional purposes and can be titled as professional text converter. With its help users can convert their PDF documents into simple text files. The conversion process takes place at faster speed and also allows batch conversion in which any number of files can be converted altogether. Only user has to follow simple step like import the file which needs to be converted and at last click on convert and the result obtained will be files supported by Windows, Mac, and Unix etc. The software allows users with access to convert full page which gives certainty to the user that all data will be converted without any data left. Also conversion takes place on your computer which spares the user from steps that need to be attempted at time of converting such files online.

Overall, it’s an excellent PDF Converter and to make the best out of it, you don’t even need to install Adobe Reader or other PDF reading software. Owing to its extensive set of features and a highly reliable performance, the software nails a score of four rating points out of five.

Publisher's description

OverPDF PDF to Text Converter is a professional PDF to Text converter, with which you could convert your PDF documents to Text, TXT format!
OverPDF PDF to Text Converter processes at high speed and you can convert PDF to text files in a batch. What you have to do is to import several PDF files at a time and click Convert, and then you will get DOS/Windows, UNIX, or Mac compatible Text Files.
OverPDF PDF to Text Converter lets you convert PDFs into text formats. Converting PDFs with PDF to Text Converter lets you view your converted PDFs on a computer that does not have a PDF reader installed, and also lets you escape having to use inconvenient online PDF conversion services.
OverPDF PDF to Text Converter can even convert PDFs in batches, so that you can convert entire folders filled with PDFs into the text format without having to manually select, upload, and convert each file (as you'd have to do using online PDF conversion services).
OverPDF PDF to Text Converter also offers full page conversion, which ensures that you won't lose any of the important text information in your PDFs.
OverPDF PDF to Text Converter lets you:
* Take control of your PDFs and convert them to text for easy access or further manipulation.
* Convert your PDFs right on your computer, and avoid the unnecessary steps that you have to go through when using online PDF converters.
* Ensure your PDFs convert accurately by using OverPDF technology.
Key Features
* Excellent PDF to Text
OverPDF PDF to Text Converter is an excellent PDF converter for batch converting PDF documents to text files
* Independent Running
OverPDF PDF to Text Converter works as a standalone converter, so you needn't extra install Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software before converting PDF to Text.
* High Compatibility
Why PDF to Text? That's because text files are compatible with DOS/Windows, UNIX and Mac.
PDF to Text converter
PDF to Text converter
Version 1.01
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